Mohsen Ibrahim, MD, PhD

Thoracic Surgery, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome Italy; Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA

Dr. Mohsen Ibrahim, whose extensive surgical experience is focused on Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy, Uniportal VATS, Minimal Invasive Surgery is a Thoracic Surgeon and Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Sant’Andrea Hospital, University of Rome “Sapienza”, Italy. 

He graduated at University of Rome “Sapienza” and completed the residency program of Thoracic Surgery in 2004 at the Division of Thoracic Surgery of Umberto I University Hospital. He moved to Sant’Andrea Hospital - University “La Sapienza” and he accomplished his PhD in Thoracic Surgery from 2004 to 2008. He obtained in 2010 the Evarts A. Graham memorial fellowship Award from American Association for Thoracic Surgery. During that period he visited the most important Thoracic Surgery centers in USA and Canada (St. Loius, Boston, Toronto). He completed his education with a research fellowship at The Washington University School of Medicine in the laboratory of Immunology where he also now retains the position of Instructor of Surgery. At Washington University. He also was trained in the immunological and physiological methods required to evaluate innate immune responses and lung graft injury.  

Dr. Mohsen Ibrahim is a reviewer of many scientific journals (EJCTS, ICVTS, JTCVS…). He published several papers in the most important medical journals and textbooks of thoracic surgery.