Non-intubated VATS for the management in primary spontaneous pneumothorax

Julio Sesma, Melodie Álvarez, Carlos Gálvez, Sergio Bolufer, Francisco Lirio, Juan José Mafé, Jone Miren Del Campo, Sergio Maroto, José Navarro-Martínez, María Jesús Rivera, María Galiana, Jorge Cerezal


Non-intubated VATS (NI-VATS) is a novel approach that aims to benefit the patient by obtaining the minimal surgical and anaesthetic invasion. In the last years, NI-VATS approach has shown encouraging results to treat primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP). The aim of this review is sumarize the experience of the authors developing a programme of NI-VATS surgery for treatment of PSP from 2013 to 2019 and to summarize the evidence about NI-VATS PSP treatment in the literature.