Borderline pneumothorax

Teodor Horvath, Petr Moravcik, Ladislav Mitas, Kristian Brat, Kamil Hudacek, Vladimir Can, Martina Dia, Dominika Ivanecka, Jaroslav Ivicic, Vaclav Kalis, Alzbeta Kodytkova, Jitka Kratochvilova, Adam Krenek, Lukas Majercak, Zdenek Merta, Petra Penazová, Pavla Petr Dostalova, Marek Plutinsky, Rudolf Rindos, Michal Sochor, Pavel Vyslouzil, Zdenek Kala, Jindrich Vomela


Extraordinary demanding case requires creative solution within expenditure of intellectual energy supported by mature experience, and discerning intuition. This all with single rule: patients benefit. Previous and subsequent sharing and exchange yield full-blown versatility. Pneumothorax in breastfeeding mother, brachial plexus injury caused by lysis of apical adhesions, support of pulmonary plication by autologous fascia lata in advanced pulmonary emphysema, dorsal chest tube insertion through first intercostal space, stubborn pneumothorax in a musician of brass band, successful conservative treatment by chest tube as an alternative of thoracoplasty, talc slurry solution in elderly man with life threatening pneumothorax from advanced lung cancer decay cavity, and in young woman afflicted by lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) are briefly reported.