Article Abstract

A novel approach for minimally invasive everted esophagectomy in pigs

Authors: Yong Zhang, Shuo Li, Haiqi He, Lei Ma, Xiaomei Yang, Donghong Geng, Jiangtao You, Junke Fu


Background: Minimally invasive esophagectomy has been developed to reduce surgical injury. In this current study, we have designed a new operative procedure to dissect the esophagus with less chest injury.
Methods: Three pigs (Sus domesticus) underwent the same procedures: routine laparoscopic techniques, anastomosis at left neck and right thoracoscopic everted esophagectomy utilizing one thoracoscopic operative hole.
Results: The everted resection of the esophagus was successfully accomplished in the three pigs utilizing one thoracoscopic operative hole.
Conclusions: A novel technique was described here. The procedure of the operation was modified with anastomosis operated before esophagectomy. Only one thoracic operative hole was needed, which reduced the injury on chest wall.