Special Issue Dedicated to the International VATS Symposium 2017

Published: 2017-05-22

Guest Editors

Marco Scarci, MD, FRCS(Eng), FCCP

Department of Thoracic Surgery,
University College London Hospital,
London, UK

Roberto Crisci, MD

Thoracic Surgery Unit, University of L’Aquila,
“G. Mazzini” Hospital, Piazza Italia 1,
Teramo, Italy

This special issue aims to celebrate the 4th edition of the International VATS Symposium in London(Oct 2017) and to offer a complete monograph of all the topics covered.

The International VATS Symposium( is a fully interactive comprehensive symposium that covers all aspects of modern minimally invasive surgery. Providing all the elements to develop a successful advanced VATS programme including expert techniques, we will discuss the technical aspects of the most challenging procedures with international experts and share your most difficult cases with knowledgeable and skilled faculty.

This postgraduate course emphasizes the use of video-based education and in-depth discussion of technical details.

Currently, the outline of this special issue is as follows.

❖ Awake Thoracic Surgery

Luca Bertolaccini/Piergiorgio Solli (Italy)

❖ Fast Track-Enhanced Recovery for MITS

Alessandro Brunelli (UK)

❖ How to deal with a patient with multiple comorbidities undergoing thoracic

surgery? Does risk always outweighs the benefit or can we manage it safely?

Joanne Irons (UK)

❖ Uniportal VATS: Hilar Dissection

Piergiorgio Solli/Luca Bertolaccini (Italy)

❖ Uniportal VATS: Lymphadenectomy

Antonio Martin Ucar (UK)

❖ Management of Complications during Uniportal VATS

Paula A. Ugalde (Canada)

❖ Robotic is better than VATS? (Cons)

Raja Flores (USA)

❖ Robotic is better than VATS? (Pros)

Giulia Veronesi (Italy)

❖ Advanced Robotic Surgery

Alper Toker (Turkey)

❖ VATS for Mediastinal Conditions

Marco Scarci/Benedetta Bedetti (UK)

❖ MITS for Inflammatory Disease (techniques and tips)

Ali Zamir Khan (India)

❖ How to set up a research programme for dummies

Yaron Shargall (Canada)

❖ Economic Considerations in VATS Lobectomy

Alan Sihoe (Hong Kong,China)

❖ Certification in VATS Surgery

Gaetano Rocco (Italy)

❖ VATS Surgery vs Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Diego Cortinovis (Italy)