Focused Issue: Video-assisted major thoracic procedures: approaches

Published: 2017-02-13
Focused Issue: Video-assisted major thoracic procedures: approaches 
Guest Editor: Dominique Gossot, MD 

Head of Department of Thoracic Surgery, Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France

Guest Editor: Dominique Gossot, MD

This focused issue aims to fully review the existing approaches of VATS Pulmonary Resections, which will be a systematic edition for education and training of young thoracic surgeons, meanwhile conducive to the exchange of surgical techniques between peers. 

Currently, the outline of this focused issue is as follows.

William Walker (Edinburg, UK)

❖VATS Tunnel Technique: An alternative fissureless approach for anatomical lung resections
Herbet Decaluwé (Leuven, Belgium)

❖Anterior approach
René Petersen / Henrik Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

❖Fissure-based approach
Agathe Seguin / Dominique Gossot (Paris, France)

❖Alternate minimally invasive approaches 
Khalid Amer (Southampton, UK)

❖Single Port approach
Alan Sihoe (Hong Kong, China)

❖Hybrid approach
Hisashi Iwata(Japan) 

❖Robotic approach
Bernard J. Park(New York, USA)

❖Synthesis: does literature provide any argument for any approach?
Christophe Cao (Sydney, Australia)